The team and I went to Screven Motor Sports Complex last night and raced with the 602 Bandit Series. It was our first time ever visiting this track and we knew we’d have to learn quick and make changes to get as fast as we could. After going out for hot laps about the only thing we were close on was gear. The car was so on top of the race track I felt like I was racing at the North Pole ice skating rink. So after debriefing with the guys I got in touch with my goto suspension guru that’s always a text away Mr.

Sammy Speaks of Precision Suspension.(if you ain’t joined the #P1POSSE you are missing out! Hands down best tech support and suspension) After talking with him and getting some top notch advice we made a spring change to see if we were heading in the right direction for qualifying. Although the car was a little better we still had a terrible qualifying lap (which was mostly on me not running a decent line)that would put us starting 18th out of 21 car field. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Never giving up we went and consulted with Sammy again and we made WHOLESALE CHANGES, I mean tons! At the beginning of the race I decided to lay back and see what the car felt like and I had also heard that the previous nights race had caution after caution and definitely didn’t want to tear the car up right at the beginning. Once we had made a few laps and a couple cautions had fell, I finally learned the line around that joint and decided to try and start moving up. All in all the changes that Sammy advised me on and the hard work of my crew Coy, Josh, and Blaze were able to turn the night into a good run and brought the care home without any damage and a 4th place finish!

Thanks to all of our sponsors that help us throughout the year Cindy’s Starter & Alternator, Driftwood Land Maintenance, LLC, BGE Bell Groves Enterprise, Raynor-Bryan Construction, LLC,Raging Rooster Catering, MLB Transport LLC as well as MasterSbilt Race Cars for making the best chassis! Also a HUGE shout out to “The Hulk” Ronnie Long for letting me get a brand new RR from him. Without that we def would have been junk.

Although we would have loved to head to Cherokee Speedway today we were beat and also Blaze has school tomorrow morning so I didn’t want to keep him out really late at a race, especially 4hrs from home. So we made the drive back to Fayetteville last night and me and Blaze made it to church this morning with Panda, Aven, and Axel.

Next up on the race schedule is the Food Coma Comeback at Fayetteville Motor Speedway this coming Saturday night Nov. 26th come on out and enjoy some racing for the last time this year!

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