Last Sunday after Lake View I was content on not racing again until Charlotte and even went as far as taking the whole body and decking off to take time and go thru the car from front to back… by Monday, all that changed and the racing bug sunk her teeth into me! Went hard at it every night leading up to race day hanging a new body and decking. We finished up about 3pm on Saturday. Didn’t even get time to put the hood wrap on it or the Florescent overlays but we were ready to race!

Went out for practice and plain sucked! 19th out of 34 cars. I really thought we had made the wrong decision to go racing. We came back in and made some wholesale changes for qualifying. I knew we had to move up to 16th to lock into the race and not end up in a B main. Boy did we turn it around in a BIG way and qualified 2nd! Donavan picked it up as well and timed in 9th locking both BGE Bell Groves Enterprise, Raging Rooster Catering, Driftwood Land Maintenance, LLC,Cindy’s Starter & Alternator, Raynor-Bryan Construction, LLC, Precision Suspension, Tyn-Co Concrete, AJ Belanger Motorsports, Ed Belanger Motorsports owned cars in the show!

At the start of the main the car just wouldn’t take off as quick as the leader and even though I tried to roll the topside we had to settle into 2nd. After 5 laps we had caught lapped traffic and felt like the car was balanced enough to put anywhere and make a run at the lead while navigating lapped traffic. Unfortunately the caution came out and stopped that momentum. We lined back up and after some good hard racing with Zack Blackwell we slipped back to 3rd. The top 3 cars were definitely the class of the field. We were able to capitalize on the misfortune of a spin by a fast paced Zack while running 2nd and finished P2. Donovan after running up to 5th and then being taken out was relegated to the back of the field and decided to pull in to save the car. We definitely had some fast cars and feel like we’ve figured out the problems plaguing us the last couple weeks. Of course, new tires helped as well! We’ll be back at Fayetteville Motor Speedway on the 8th to try it again! Thanks to all of our sponsors and fans! Thanks to my guys Coy, Dad, Jerrod, and Donavan for all the help getting the car ready after my last minute decision! Thanks also to my Panda for allowing me to work on the car so late every night while battling three rambunctious little boys! • • • Ed Belanger Motorsports BGE Bell Groves Enterprise Cindy’s Starter and Alternator Driftwood Land Maintenance Raging Rooster Catering Raynor-Bryan Construction LLC Precision Suspension Tyn-Co. Concrete Danny B’s Pimento Cheese, Rub, & Seasoning Bobby Taylor Oil Company Tynco Conrete

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